WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas — When a couple of San Antonio law enforcement members take some time to get silly, it’s hard not to notice.

It's also very tempting to ask your own local sergeants and deputies to get their carpool karaokes on. So we did.

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After sharing the news of the Bexar County Sheriff Office deputy and a San Antonio Police Department officer's ongoing lip sync battle, we *may* have tagged a couple of our own local law enforcement departments just to see if anything would happen.

And if you know anything about Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody, it's that his social media game is STRONG. Who else lives for the K9 coverage? 

With that being said, he corralled his troops, found the best man for the job, and delivered Deputy Hernandez to us:

Sheriff Robert Chody later Tuesday evening, after being "forced" to get in on the game, submitted his video. "One Way or Another" by Blondie, how fitting. 

 And then, Wednesday morning, the women of the WCSO Warrants Division rocked out to "Bad Boys," the COPS theme song: 

Just when we thought the battle was over with no retaliation, Austin Police Officer Marcos Johnson stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with his Boyz II Men: 

And out of nowhere Wednesday afternoon, a Travis County Sheriff's Office deputy threw himself into the mix along with Bastrop Police Department Patrol Officer M. Sanford, Mustang Ridge Police Chief Leonard Cantu and Pflugerville Chief of Police Jessica Robledo:

And just when seemed like Cedar Park Police Department was staying quiet in all of this despite being challenged, it turns out, they were crafting something magical! Featuring Sgt. Campbell and Assistant Police Chief Harmon, the Williamson County-based crew dropped its video Thursday morning. Did you see that worm?! 

And will you look at this: University of Texas at Austin police joined in the battle on Friday, June 29:

But just as quickly WilCo Sheriff Chody recruited his K9s: 

And it looks like Georgetown Police Department finally got sick of us calling them out, because Ofc. Delta Jolly and her Explorers socked it to us with a triple-entry: 

Where this thing is going, no one knows, but at least we're all enjoying the ride.