FORT WORTH, Texas — With priorities in place, Texas Democrats set their sights on November, hoping to gain seats at every level of state government.

More than 7,000 delegates of the Texas Democratic Party attended the biennel Texas Democratic Convention. 

Notable speeches included lieutenant governor candidate Mike Collier, gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez, and party favorite, Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Ultimately, at the forefront of their platform is the debate over border issues. Texas Democrats say enough is enough.

On Saturday, the final day of the convention, hundreds of delegates attended a rally in a call for family reunification inside the Fort Worth Convention Center. 

"Children don't belong in jails,” said Montserrat Garibay, Texas AFL-CIO.

Timely of course, a major focus was the border crisis — an issue discussed throughout the three-day conference.

Garibay crossed the border when she was 11 and can't fathom the heartache families today are experiencing.

"Just the thought of me being separated would have just devastated my mother, but it would have devastated my sister and me," she said.

Which is why she marches.

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"It's human rights,” Valdez said.

She's is running against Gov. Greg Abbott in November. She said she knows he can't control the country's immigration policies, but she said he can ensure migrants detained in Texas are safe.

"No parent wants to have their child taken away without any knowledge of what is going to happen to them or when they are going to see them again,” she added.

Abbott called the family separations the "latest calamity children suffer because of a broken U.S. border."

Democrats, long-time advocates for immigrant rights, have added to their party platform a resolution opposing the separation of asylum-seeking families.

"Those are the kind of things that were already in the platform, but they become more accentuated as a result of events that are occurring," said Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic party chair.

Things got heated during the nominations process Saturday until Tarrant County chairperson Deborah Peoples took the stage in a call for unity.

"This election is about young millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers like me who don't trust the system because it's failed them,” Peoples reminded other attendees.

Peoples said the focus needs to be on Nov. 6 and making the most of every day before then if they truly want to "turn Texas blue."