SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas — Students of Boerne Independent School District presented a very special token to the congregation of Sutherland Springs church who suffered unimaginable tragedy this past November.

Welding students from the Samuel V. Champion High School crafted an iron rose and presented it to the congregation on Thursday, Boerne ISD said.

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"The Iron Rose has been a meaningful tradition in the Boerne Welding Technology Program and has not only been a gift to those who have a place in our heart, but also has brought healing to those in need. No two people are alike, which is why no two roses are made exactly alike. This rose has 52 pedals to represent the 26 lives lost here on Earth and the 26 news lives welcomed into God’s hands for eternity. The hands are also made with differences, one is slightly larger than the other representing the Father and the Son. The rose is a symbol of life and prosperity. They are unique in their own way and mean something different to all of us. Our hope is that “The Iron Rose" will bring comfort and healing to this Church and our Country," the presentation card reads.