SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio teen’s Tweet went viral following a special moment that occurred on her graduation day.

Earlier this week, 18-year-old Icee Villarreal posted a photo on Twitter. The tweet, which has captured the hearts of more than 5,000 users online, includes a picture of Villarreal's parents.

Both of her parents were involved in two separate deadly motorcycle accidents when Villarreal was a child.

However, her boyfriend Julian Vasquez and his family made sure the two were present on her big day.

"He [Julian] comes in and I see from the mirror this huge poster board of my parents and I just like was so happy," said Villarreal.

Vasquez' family were touched as well. 

"She started crying and I was holding the poster and she was crying, my mom was crying and my dad's eyes were watery," said Vasquez.

Villareal snapped several photos with her parents in her cap and gown.

The former John Paul Stevens High School student graduated Monday at the Alamodome.