SANTA FE, Texas — Santa Fe High School sophomores Rome Shubert and Trenton Beazley were both eager to return to the baseball field. 

The two supported their fellow Santa Fe Indians Saturday night from the dugout, one day after being injured by gunfire at their high school

Beazley taking a bullet to his left side.

"It's actually on my shoulder. Right here,” the Santa Fe shooting survivor said, motioning towards his bandages.

Friends say Beazley blocked the door of his classroom Friday, keeping the shooter out as his classmates took cover.

Shubert was shot in the back of the head.

"It's a miracle," Shubert told Spectrum News.

Friends created signs wishing him to get well, but both teens wanted to get in some game time Saturday.

"I think it was a little too early for that given the situation. I wanted to be out there to show that I am strong and I am still here for them,” Shubert said.

"We both got to walk in there together. Even though we didn't get to play, we got to be with our friends, our players, our teammates,” said Beazley.

And they’re already setting sights on life after recovery.

"Once these two weeks are over, that's exactly where I am going: straight to the baseball field,” Beazley added.

The two said that they’re sad that they won't get to ever see 10 of their fellow Santa Fe Indians again, but vow to stay strong.

"There are a lot of things that can get us down, but we are always going to find a way to lift ourselves and get our spirits high,” Shubert said in closing.