AUSTIN, Texas -- Earth Day is honored all over the world, and people often celebrate Earth Day by spending the day outside.

The same can be said for local indigenous people.

Some of Austin's indigenous and Earth-conscious members of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center hosted a special event Sunday afternoon. Guests had the chance to do just about everything Earth-related, from bee pollinator presentations to eco-friendly seed planting.

"If you see them, see a place where the Earth is totally barren, you can throw them and they'll start growing. And that presentation is dedicated to the bees. I want to say it's amazing, but a bee just came up and bit her right here on the lip. I think it was a kiss to say thank you,” said Ana Maria Tekina-Eiru Maynard with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.

Puerto Rican Cultural Center outreach is supported in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin.