SAN MARCOS, Texas - The mystical fresh-water mermaids of the San Marcos River have been brought to life on the pages of children’s books.

Marieta Hutchinson said she'd always wanted to write a children’s book.

The opportunity arose when she moved to San Marcos and got involved with the Mermaid Society, a nonprofit that promotes community and good stewardship to the city's jewel - the San Marcos River.

With that in mind, she put pen to paper.

"The book is about teaching young folks kindness and empathy and conservation," said Hutchinson.  

Fresh water mermaids called Naiads tell the story.

"The magic is in the beauty they share, as well as the kindness they show," read Hutchinson.  

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In the spirit of community, a second book with a similar message was published locally called Splash Tails.

"We're starting to get lost a little bit, and trashing our rivers, and spending a lot of time and money cleaning them up. If we work with children in understanding that the rivers are ours to protect and keep the beauty for all to enjoy for years to come, I think that's a good message," said author Mary McBeth.  

The two authors, McBeth and Fraye Stokes, list the tenants of the river for children to easily follow.

"Find ways to dispose of litter. Respect all river plants and river life," read Stokes.  

The two books were illustrated by a local artist and go hand in hand to spread the kindness of the mermaid, and to make sure the San Marcos River says crystal clear.

You can also purchase the books on Amazon.