PHILADELPHIA — Bud Light is buying beer for everyone of legal drinking age in Philadelphia after the Eagles Super Bowl LII victory.

Back in August, Lane Johnson, Eagles’ offensive tackle, told ESPN that if they win the Super Bowl he was giving out free beer to everybody. Bud Light said, you're on:

After the Eagles came out victorious over the Patriots, Bud Light tweeted that Eagles fans who are of legal drinking age, could join Lane Johnson at taverns along the parade route to “raise one of the Kingdom’s favorite light lagers.”

What the heck is ‘Dilly Dilly’ anyways?

The phrase occurs in medieval-themed Bud Light ads. In the commercials, presenting someone with a cold Bud Light often comes with a cheerful "Dilly Dilly" in return. Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy’s John Parker and Brandon Henderson said they "wanted to dramatize how a friend who brings Bud Light is a great friend."

Andy Goeler, Bud Light's vice president, explained to Thrillist that it's "a sort of medieval form of 'cheers.'" He added. "The phrase has taken on a life and a meaning of its own, thanks to fans of the commercials — and we're more than happy to just be along for the ride."