AUSTIN, Texas -- For the 131st year, Punxsutawney Phil made his famous prognostication and, once again, science disagrees.

If you believe the four-legged forecaster, it looks like winter will be sticking around for another six weeks because Phil saw his shadow.

On the other hand, our weather team says there's a good chance spring will come early to Texas this year, with above-normal temperatures in the forecast from February through April.

Interestingly enough, out of all his predictions since 1887, Phil has only seen his shadow 18 times.  Out of those, 15 have occurred since 1970.

What does that mean?  Spring has indeed been starting earlier, a sign of our warming climate.

Locally, the six weeks following Groundhog Day have gotten warmer in Austin and San Antonio by about two degrees on average, according to Climate Central.

While enjoying an early spring might sound like a good idea for outdoor activities, it can wreak havoc on agriculture, in particular when it comes to tricking crops into blooming early.

In the above video, our two-legged prognosticator, Chief Meteorologist Burton Fitzsimmons, brings you the outlook from the weather center and talks about some of the science behind the forecast.