AUSTIN, Texas — A group campaigning for the release of a Bastrop man on death row will meet Saturday at noon to rally outside the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals building.

The rally comes after a four-day hearing that concluded Friday to determine whether Reed, who was convicted of murdering Stacey Stites in 1996, deserves another trial after a friend of her fiancé gave an interview that conflicts with a known timeline surrounding her death.

After days of testimony, it's now up to the judge to make a recommendation to the Texas Court of Appeals, which will decide if Rodney Reed will be granted a new trial.

From the group’s Facebook page:

Student supporters are taking a lead on this event tomorrow, As a part of the action, a group of 20 supporters will be dressed in black and holding signs spelling a message of support for Rodney. This group of 20 people (representing the years Rodney has been incarcerated) will each be reading a very short fact about the case or about the death penalty in general. All of this will take place in front of a mock representation of a death row prison cell. The action is designed put public pressure on the CCA to overturn his conviction and either grant him a new trial or order his release from prison!

Spectrum News will be at the scene bringing updates as they become available.