One-hundred-and-sixty thousand pounds of water, canned food, diapers and minor medical supplies are headed to Puerto Rico on a plane chartered by Major League Baseball.

"it's the duty of every puerto rican coming together this time of need," said Bernie Williams.

Yankees great and Puerto Rican native Bernie Williams thanked the FedEx workers who loaded the plane with supplies donated by New Yorkers.

"It broke my heart seeing all the devastation seeing all the footage," said Williams.

Governor Cuomo responded last month, with the Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort setting up donation centers across the state including at the the Javits Center and Citifield.

The supplies collected are now on their way to the people that need them on the MLB plane.

"Every time one of these planes go out it warms the heart knowing it's going to make a difference back in puerto Rico that has so many needs right now," said Jose Calderon, President of the Hispanic Federation. "People don't have access to water. People don't have access to food obviously theres no electricity throughout most of the island."

The plane is landing in Aguadilla, on the northwest coast.

The Carlos Beltran Foundation will help with distribution to try to reach rural mountainous areas devastated by Hurricane Maria.

WIlliams visited the island.

"There's still a lot of flooding a lot of debris in the road a lot of trees on the road that really make it really hard for the trucks to get to where they need the most," said Williams.

While the plane taxied at JFK, President Trump wrote a series of tweets saying the island's electric grid and other infrastructure were a disaster before the storms and warned federal assistance would have its limits.

This is far from the end of the citizen relief effort though. FedEx says after 70 flights bringing eight million pounds of supplies to Puerto Rico, another flight is set for Saturday.