AUSTIN, Texas - Following yesterday's funeral in Houston, former Texas Governor Mark White lay in state on Thursday for a public viewing at the capitol rotunda.

Texans gathered to pay their respects to the former governor and his family. Among those waiting in line were several former and current lawmakers - some of whom were close with the former governor.

White was perhaps remembered best as a fearless champion for progressive public education policies.

"He put what he thought was important right there on the table, and the policy decisions that the state had to make.  If we had to have a tax increase in order to provide public education then so be it.  I think that's a good example to people today is that being a statesman is doing what is right and not being afraid of the consequences," said Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston.  

After leaving the capitol, Governor White's body was taken to the Texas State Cemetery for a private burial ceremony.