The right place at the right time: That's what an employee at ABC Sports and Fitness is saying about the life-saving actions that happened at the gym in Latham on Wednesday morning. 

Ryan Laughlin was at the start of his shift when he heard someone yell for help. He found a woman unresponsive between two elliptical machines.

Laughlin is a CPR certified athletic trainer, and he says his training immediately kicked in. Bill Gardner, a first responder, was there working out at the time and came over to help.

Laughlin says Gardner began compressions while he called EMS. They instructed another member to grab the AED and were able to get it on her within a minute.

Laughlin says he didn't think twice about helping, and he was thankful Gardner was there. 

"I just want to thank him," Laughlin said of Gardner. "He was just in the right place at the right time. I'd also like to thank Colonie EMS arriving so fast. I think with the combination of them arriving so quickly, with having members who knew exactly what to do, is the reason why we saved a life today. "It was a team effort. It was just really nice to find out that she made it."

Laughlin says the woman was alert and talking before she left, and he says he'll definitely follow up to see how she's doing.