The Travis County GOP has voted James Dickey as its new chairman, following former chairman Robert Morrow’s recent disqualification. Dickey was the sitting chairman running for reelection when Morrow was elected back in March.

What does it take to run a party? A question the Travis County GOP has been toying with for quite some time now.

“Total, we have approximately $6,000 that we can use,” Said TJ Scott, interim treasurer.

The party says it take $6,000 to run a party and get Republican candidates elected to office —  in just 7 weeks.

But Travis County Republicans are trying to stay optimistic.

The party spent the past half a year drowning in controversy created by Robert Morrow, who was elected party chairman in March.

In August, Morrow was forced to resign from his position when his application to run as a write-in candidate for President of the United States on the Texas ballot was accepted.

Rob Morrow Reacts After Travis County GOP Disavows Chairman-Elect

“It hasn't affected me, you know, the internal workings of the party are the internal workings of the party,” said Joe Martinez, a Travis County Sheriff candidate.

Martinez says he's not letting the distractions within the party get in the way of his campaign.

In fact, he believes he wouldn't have raised the $21,000 he has in the last 13 months without the party's support.

As the party looks to move forward with the election of its new chairman Tuesday evening, Martinez doesn't think much will really change at all.

“What can a person do, a human being, what can you do in 49 days to solidify this thing,” he said.  

As for his question earlier, “What does it take to run a party?”  

“How much is enough, it's never enough,” Martinez responded.

His answer hasn't changed either.