AUSTIN, Texas-- Many people are disorganized, and do not know where to put or find anything.

Usually we make jokes about it, but according to a new survey, disorganization can have a serious impact on your life.

Sparefoot is an Austin-based online storage marketplace that uncovered a disturbing statistic in its recent survey.

“Almost a third of people are spending two hours or more a week, self-reported, looking for things in their home,” said Jodi Holzband, marketing manager for Sparefoot.

Being disorganized can distract you from your priorities, and even affect your health.

“When you have a lot of stuff around your house it creates stress and anxiety,” Holzband added.

Stress is the last thing that a person needs in their life, and fortunately, there are professional organizers such as Randi Lyman who can help.

“If a person doesn’t even know where to find any of their stuff, they might be buried in stuff: 'Where do we start?'” Lyman asked.

If you're caught in the clutter, you can start by calling on her. Lyman owns a company called ‘A Helping Hand.' She will organize your pantry or closet, but her work goes beyond the walls of your home, helping people with special needs. Virtual organizing allows Lyman her to do her job anytime, anywhere, and with anyone around the country.