Austin Police have arrested the driver who hit a cyclist in East Austin and dragged her along the road for nearly half a mile.

The man hit the bike with his truck on March 29th near Airport Boulevard and East MLK.

He did not stop after the crash.

The next day, an off-duty police officer spotted the truck and called it in.

Police brought the suspect in for questioning and he eventually confessed to hitting the cyclist.

The officer who found the truck said he's relieved the suspect was found.

"It was a very, kind of bittersweet feeling to know that at least we found the guy, but to have to see those injuries that she sustained and know that her life's forever changed.  But like I said it was bittersweet but it was somewhat comforting to know that some just justice was served for," said Andy Traylor of the Austin Police Department.

APD said the bicyclist who was hit was badly hurt, and that her spine and pelvis were exposed because of the crash.

Charges against the suspect are pending.