CHARLOTTE -- The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will not renew its contract for ShotSpotter technology.

The acoustical sensors ​ detect gunfire, and then send officers out to those shooting scenes. The crime-fighting system was placed in Uptown, the Grier Heights neighborhood, and the Farm Pond Road area a few years ago.

CMPD says the sensors worked, but they didn't produce enough results to justify spending $180,000 a year on the ShotSpotter subscription.

"There were very few circumstances where we actually encountered the person who pulled the trigger," said Major Steve Willis with CMPD.  "

"We feel like we can serve our citizens better by using that money on other proven products we've seen greater success with.​"

CMPD isn't sure exactly where the money used to operate ShotSpotter will now be spent, but says it will be put to good use, likely going towards the real-time crime center, body cameras, or other initiatives.