The Texas Department of Public Safety says the man suspected of setting a car on fire at the Capitol last week was arrested Wednesday in Iowa.

DPS says Michael Wagner lives in Iowa and was arrested by police there on an unrelated charge. Investigators say they got several leads in the case and identified Wagner’s vehicle through a Capitol complex parking ticket.

DPS says Wagner's extradition to Texas is in the works.

Gov. Greg Abbott is congratulating the Texas Department of Public Safety for arresting Wagner. He released the following statement Thursday.

I applaud the Department of Public Safety for swiftly and successfully capturing the suspected arsonist believed to have set fire to a vehicle at the Capitol. I look forward to the suspect's extradition to Texas to face justice.

I am grateful for the Department's collaborative work with local and federal authorities in this effort and the Department's continued service to ensuring all those working in or visiting the Texas Capitol feel safe and protected.


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