AUSTIN, Texas -- A search warrant issued in the murder investigation of Samantha Dean and released to the media, indicates that she had messages from Austin police officer VonTrey Clark insisting that she have an abortion, because "his life would be ruined and he will lose his family" if she had their baby.

Dean, 29, a victim services coordinator for the Kyle Police Department, was 7 months pregnant when she was found shot to death in Bastrop County in February.

Her body was discovered next to a vehicle in a vacant lot with a black plastic bag over her head, on the 100 block of Stephen F. Austin Boulevard in Cedar Creek, police said.

The warrant also says the car's backseat had been removed, further indicating Dean's body may have been moved. The new details bring uncertainty to exactly where Dean was killed.

Clark has not been charged with any crimes.

The search warrant, which has been sealed for about 2 months, was issued for an investigation of Clark's home and released to the public on Monday.

Detectives and forensic teams searched the officer's home in May. The officer's attorney says investigators took a DNA sample, several pairs of shoes, and nearly every electronic device in the house. 

Police and prosecutors asked the judge not to announce to the public the reasons for requesting the warrant for at least 30 days, likely because the investigation is ongoing.

According to the police document, Clark said during an interview with police that he and Dean had a sexual relationship on and off for the last 6 or 7 years, and that "Clark believes he is the father of Dean's unborn child."

Police said in the affidavit that a search of Dean's journal and text messages indicate that she had conversations with Clark, where he insisted on an abortion, and that she told co-workers at the Kyle Police Department, include a police sergeant, that if she turned up dead, "Clark would be responsible."

Clark also told police on Feb. 3, the night before Dean's body was found that he left his house at 9:30. He said he hung out at Palm Elementary school for a little bit before going to the APD substation around 11:45 p.m. Police say they didn't see Clark on the school's surveillance footage and Clark didn't arrive at the police station until after midnight, according to the affidavit.

A preliminary autopsy report performed by an independent medical examiner in Lockhart indicated that Dean was shot three times in the head. It also shows the bullets were small-caliber, but it didn't give any further indication of the type of weapon used.

Dean worked for the Kyle Police Department, but lived in Austin and also volunteered with the victim services unit of the Austin Police Department.

Austin police released the following statement on Monday:

"Officer Vontrey Clark remains on restricted duty as the criminal investigation into the Samantha Dean case continues. The Austin Police Department continues to cooperate with the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers to bring Dean's killer to justice and to bring justice for her family, her friends and coworkers."

Bristol C. Myers, an attorney for Clark, also issued a statemet on Monday in response to the release of the affidavit:

"The information in the affidavits is new to the public, but it is not new to the investigators. Despite the wiretaps, cell phone records, and texts used to justify rummaging through Officer Clark's home, his belongings, and his genetic profile, here we are sixty days later and there still isn’t enough evidence to accuse him of a crime."