Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a new exhibit opened at the state Capitol Monday.

It's the Global Embassy of Activist's newest project, Traces to Remember.

The traveling display is a photographic exhibition about the Holocaust and genocide of World War II. It includes a plaque shaped like the Star of David, which bears the handprints of Holocaust survivor Leon Horn and his family.

During Monday's ceremony, Horn shared his story of surviving concentration camps like Auschwitz, even as his entire family was killed. He also showed on-lookers the numbers still tattooed on his arm.

Horn hopes to educate young people about the Holocaust and stop hate around the world.

"I feel it’s my obligation to let the world know what happened and try to prevent another disaster or another Holocaust,” Horn said. “This is my message to you: People should get educated, spread the message, inform other people, so that we know and inform the later generation, the new generation what happened."

After the war, Horn came to the U.S., met his wife and raised a family. He currently lives in Brownsville.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is Tuesday.