AUSTIN, Texas -- Attorney General Ken Paxton says the state of Texas is keeping an eye out for scams or price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's arrival.

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As resources get stretched thin, people may become the victim of rising prices.

A consumer protection hotline has been established to help protect those who are forced to pay illegally higher prices during the storm.

"During declared disasters, state law prohibits businesses from charging exorbitant prices for necessities such as gas, food, drinking water, clothing and lodging," Paxton said. "Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey should take steps to protect themselves and report any alleged price gouging or scam contractors to the Office of the Attorney General."

If you believe you have been scammed or see price gouging in the Harvey aftermath, call the Hotline toll-free at 800-621-0508, or email

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"We've already found one big retailer that was charging $42 for a case of water," Paxton told Fox News' "Fox & Friends." 


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