ORLANDO, Fla. -- Standing and admiring a new blue bike, two new friends bond. 

  • After John Taylor's bike was stolen, a young boy stepped in
  • 7-year-old Matthew Neve uses his gift cards to buy Taylor a new bike

"What is this part?" asks Matthew Neve. 

"It's a sprocket," replies John Taylor.  

The pair don't have the usual friendship, mostly because of their age difference. 

"58," guesses Neve, when asked to guess Taylor's age. 

"No," smiles Taylor. 

"87," giggles Neve, unsure of what to guess. 

Taylor is 62, and little Neve is 7, going on 8. They met two weeks ago because of a bike.

Taylor was getting lunch in South Orlando at a McDonald's when his bike was stolen. He fell trying to chase the thief, and had to settle for asking people to drive after the thief.  

"He wanted us to help him, or us help him find the person," said Suzanne Neve, Matthew's mother.  

"I said, 'Could you just bag up so I can catch the guy with my bike?' I said, 'All I want to do is just catch him, ring his neck,'" recalled Taylor.  

Instead, Suzanne Neve called Orlando Police. As they waited for the officers to arrive, Taylor's revealed that his bike was his only means of transportation. He would ride hundreds of miles a week to get around and go to work.

What Taylor did not know, is that Matthew Neve was sitting behind his mother in the backseat of her car listening. When police arrived and Taylor had to speak with just them, Matthew Neve made a request to his mother. 

"He just kind of looked at me and said, 'Mom, I want to do something else.' And I said, 'What would you like to do?' And he said, 'I want to use my Target gift cards to get him a new bike,'" remembered Suzanne Neve. 

Using his own money, his mother helped him pick out a bike to give to Taylor.  

"I did not expect for this young man to buy me one either," said Taylor. 

In fact, it took some convincing for Taylor to accept. However, in that moment, a friendship was born. 

"How do you like your new bike?" asks Matthew Neve. 

"I love it," said Taylor. "You know why? Because you gave it to me."

That puts a smile on Matthew Neve 's face. The smile on Taylor's face is deeper, because of how the young boy's actions would change his future actions. 

As it turns out, Taylor ended up seeing the man who allegedly stole his bike on the same day it was stolen. He chased the man down and got it back. 

However, Taylor said the encounter with the alleged thief would have ended much more violently, if it had not been for what he saw in Matthew Neve. 

"I would have knocked him out. But I didn't," said Taylor. "Because of what Matthew done to me, for me." 

Matthew Neve gave Taylor the gift of kindness. It is that gift that Taylor cherishes most dearly. 

"You got a kind heart," said Taylor to the young boy.  

Taylor plans to give his old bike to someone in need.