Deryk and Kristie Simmons want what most parents want for their child: security, health and happiness.

But all of those may have been jeopardized.

Kristie discovered this when she went to pick up her daughter last week.

"One of the workers said she had to show me something,” Kristie said in reference to her daughter. “She pulled down her diaper -- showed me the bruising on her."

The mother rushed her baby to Darnell Army Medical Center to have the bruises checked. Doctors told the mother the infant had bruising consistent with a sexual assault.

"I was very emotional, crying and upset,” Kristie said. “And I just couldn't believe it had happened."

She called her husband Deryk, who was stationed in Iraq.

"You can't get home fast enough when you hear news like this," the baby's father, Deryk said.

Deryk was able to get released from service and got home Tuesday night.

Together, the couple got a lawyer and is nurturing their child through this difficult time.

"Whoever did this to my daughter, I want them to go to jail,” Deryk said. “Hopefully, for a very long time."

Child Protective Services (CPS) has launched an investigation into Little Blessings.

Although its doors remain open, CPS officials said pending the investigation, closure of the day care is a possibility.

Meanwhile, Killeen police have arrested a suspect, but he has yet to be charged.

According to the day care owner’s lawyer, Brett Pritchard, his client claimed the man police arrested is not an employee of the center. But, police believe he was.

"Her exact comment to me was, ‘Whoever did this is sick,’" Pritchard said of his client, Little Blessings owner Jackie Haile.

Pritchard said Haile and her employees did everything required by state law, and they handled the situation well.

"I can’t think of how else she could handle this situation other than what she did,” Pritchard said. “She called CPS, got them involved."

According to police, however, CPS has no record of anyone from the day care placing that call.

The baby's parents said they think anyone who hesitated to report the crime should also be punished.

"Nothing like this should happen to a child -- especially that young," Deryk said.

Deryk will not be sent back to Iraq until this case is settled.

News 8 Austin has discovered that Little Blessings day care had two violations in 2007 for failing to run adequate background checks on their employees.

Both the police and CPS investigations are still ongoing.