Advertising on Spectrum News gives your business an advantage. Our local 24-hour news and weather format reaches people who care about, and are active in, the South Central Texas community.

Spectrum Reach can tailor an advertising proposal to fit your company and your budget while maximizing the reach of your message. We offer targeted zone advertising, flexible scheduling, customized sponsorships, and added value opportunities. We are a full-service media partner that delivers more than just services -- we deliver momentum.

Spectrum News is available in 10 counties throughout Central and South Central Texas and 360,000+ Spectrum households. Learn how you can reach the entire Spectrum News viewing audience or just a specific niche -- we can help you target your message into one of our Spectrum News zones. Contact a Spectrum Reach representative today to efficiently reach and influence the customers in your area.

In a local survey, Spectrum News ranked above all local network television news stations in accuracy, credibility, diversity and fairness.* Spectrum News' dedication to the highest ethical and journalistic standards translates to a community-minded, involved and educated viewer base. Sponsorship of Spectrum News franchises partners your business with non-sensational, user-friendly news content.
*Survey conducted by LeaderTrack in Spring 2005.

Extend your brand within Spectrum News' content. Sponsorships are available for Weather as well as special lifestyle features. These packages include an advertising schedule and :08 second billboards adjacent to your sponsored segment.

Spectrum News' "Always On" strategy empowers our audiences to watch, read and experience Spectrum News and your sponsored message however, whenever and wherever they want. Our site draws more than 3.8 million unique visitors and 35 million page views annually. Specifically, we tap into people's lives in times and places previously out of reach for traditional message exposure. Spectrum News heavily promotes this award-winning site both on-air and in all external marketing.

With more than 130 sponsored events per year, Spectrum News consistently ranks as the most community-connected station in the Central Texas market. Spectrum News has developed community projects and special programming events available for promotional tie-ins and sponsorships.

Contact a Spectrum Reach representative today at (210) 477-4320 or via e-mail at We will promptly arrange a meeting with you at your business or at our Spectrum office in San Antonio.

Please email us to request samples of available ad opportunities including:

  • Franchise Billboards

  • Cross-Branded Promos

  • Weather Sponsorships

  • Community Events

  • Special Broadcasts