Last season was a breakout season for Syracuse running back LeQuint Allen. He amassed more than 1,000 rushing yards in his first full season as a starter, and he said he’s ready for an even bigger year this fall.

What You Need To Know

  •  After a 1,000-yard season in 2023, Syracuse running back LeQuint Allen has his eye set on a more productive 2024 season

  •  He's growing as a leader in the locker room

  • He says the work in the offseason getting bigger, faster and stronger has gone a long way so far this spring

“[It is] definitely exciting, you know," Allen said of the vibes around spring practice. "I'm just getting better every day. Having a, 'Not thinking about yesterday mindset or last year mindset,’ just getting bigger, just knowing the goal for the team, and just being a role to help the team go in the right direction”

Even in the face of change across the board with the coaching staff, Allen says the last four months have been met with optimism.

“It's been a good transition, you know, getting everybody on the right path, paving the right direction for the goal that we want as a team," Allen said. "Just holding each other accountable at end of the day, you know, not getting mad about it. You know, we all grown men in here. So, you know, you want to build your brother.”

Telling it how it is and leading by example are two of the biggest things Allen said he has worked on in the offseason.

“Being more vocal, you know, and leading by example and stuff like that on and off the field," Allen said. "I'm [the] older guy now. I have to show the younger guys what it is and what it isn't. And just bringing all the guys together, you know, and just helping us connect to get that, that championship. That's what we want.”

“I really like the way he practices his mindset," offensive coordinator Jeff Nixon said of Allen. "He takes everything that is playing running back seriously. I think he's a three down back where, again, he can run the ball on first and second down and he can pass protect. He's really smart, he's physical and his pass protection and really underrated. Catching the ball in the backfield, he probably has some of the best hands on the team.”

Allen, like many of the Orange, looks noticeably bigger and stronger this spring, weighing in around 200 pounds with the goal of getting even bigger.

“He got all the way up to about 205, 206 pounds," Nixon said. "So wanting to continue to gain, I think again, he's going to be a 210-, 212-pound running back at the next level.”

“Knowing the goal for the team and we want to last all season and stuff like that and be strong for the end of the season and finish strong," Allen said of the offseason work. "You've got to put on that armor now so I don't have no problem with doing that.”