There are a few words that best describe the trio of Hollenbeck siblings: creative, quick on their feet and most of all, fan favorites.

Now, they have both Baldwinsville teams knocking on the door of state titles.

“It’s pretty special," Grace Hollenbeck said. "It’s pretty rare that both the guys and the girls are playing in states.”

What You Need To Know

  • It's rare to find two teams from the same school that play the same sport playing the state semifinals

  • Baldwinsville lacrosse is led by the Hollenbeck siblings

  • The triplets say lacrosse has helped them bond over the years and wouldn't trade it for anything

“All the great memories and everything with our team and the girls team, it’s just awesome,” Ryan Hollenbeck added.

The three are more than just siblings. They also happen to be triplets, born roughly three minutes apart from one another, with Grace being the oldest, Emma being the middle and Ryan, the youngest.

The trio grew up playing the game together, making each other better.

“It’s just pushed us to become better players and better people," Emma Hollenbeck said. "I’ll see Ryan or Grace out there and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I have to go out there. I have to do wall ball too.’ Or, I’ll see them running and say, 'I have to do that too.’ All three of us push each other, and it’s helped so much.”

“We’d play games in the backyard," Grace said. "Even our nana would play with us. So now growing up, growing up together, playing together, it’s really special all three of us get to have these experiences.”

Some of the favorite memories certainly include the game, but it goes deeper.

“Just talking about friends, just life," Ryan said. "Everything. It’s been a lot of fun. Those are the memories I’ll cherish.”

Following a 13-5 win over Fairport in the state semifinals on Wednesday, Ryan and the Bees sit just one win away from that state title as they prepare to play Section XI's Northport on Saturday at Hofstra University. Grace and Emma will play Section V's Rush-Henrietta in the state semifinals Friday morning.

A win will elevate them into Saturday's State Championship game. 

“It would be a dream come true," Emma said. "But I’m going to take it one day, one practice at a time, just enjoying the moments I get to be out here with my teammates and siblings, and we’ll see what happens.”

The time spent together on the field will stand the test of time.

“We just love playing together, being together and cheering us on," Grace said.

“I’ll definitely look back and smile on all the wonderful times that I’ve had and the wonderful opportunities lacrosse has given me,” Emma added.

“I’m very happy and humble to be a part of it and have two great sisters," Ryan said. "Awesome sisters. The best.”