Venues across the nation and beyond are taking steps to improve public safety and that includes Syracuse University's Carrier Dome.

Syracuse University is rolling out a new security measure that will boost safety at sporting and other events.

Beginning at the start of the football season, S-U is implementing a new clear bag policy. 

This will put a limit on the size and types of bags allowed in the Dome. 

These plastic bags seen here are available for purchase for $3 each at the University's bookstore and Dome stands.

Now you don't have to necessarily have these particular bags, but your clear bag must meet stadium requirements.

University officials plan to have a soft roll out for the first three games which will give folks time to get used to the new policy.

"If someone does show up with an inappropriate bag, we're going to educate them. As Pete said, we'll search it. We'll tag it or if they want, we can direct them to where they can go buy the clear bag as well. So, we're going to have plenty of options and try to make this as user friendly as we possibly can. The first step is to communicate on a broad base to our fan base," said John Wildhack, SU Director of Athletics.

Officials at the University also believe this new policy will help make the entry process a lot smoother. 

They are also adding 54 metal detectors at the entrances of the Dome to improve security.

The Athletic department tell us that this has been in the works for some time.

The department has been proactively working with homeland security and this is a policy we've seen on other sports levels such as the NFL.

For SU, however, officials say it was the perfect time as the season will begin soon. 

Season ticket holders will receive one free bag for every two tickets.