Rachel Niemi joined Spectrum News 1 as a Multimedia Journalist in June 2021.

Originally from Northern Minnesota, Niemi graduated from Ohio University in Athens, OH. Before joining Spectrum in Rochester, she had worked as a producer in Buffalo and in Erie, PA as a reporter.

The most impactful story she’s covered was speaking with a mother after her young son committed suicide. She was able to help share the mother's push for anti-bullying classes in schools.

Niemi enjoys all the history around Rochester, and may be found looking for her new favorite coffee shop. She considers her most “Rochester moment” a day consumed of public market shopping in the morning, and then catching the Red Wings game that evening. She is also fond of walking around Highland Park or along the Erie Canal.

When not reporting, she may be hanging with Sinatra, not the singer, but her white Persian cat! ​

You can follow her on Twitter.