ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Students arriving at Franklin High School in Rochester on Monday received support from members of the Rochester Police Department.

The police presence was in response to an attack last Thursday when authorities say an armed suspect chased a 16-year-old student toward the school and fired at him as he tried to enter the building. Two other students near the entrance were also in the line of fire, according to police; however, no one was struck by the gunfire.

Mayor Malik Evans released the following statement after the incident:

"The city of Rochester is absolutely committed to keeping our children and young people safe, especially in our schools. There are no words strong enough to describe the absolute depravity of Thursday morning’s attempted shooting of a student outside the Franklin campus.

"Yesterday, I convened a meeting of my teams and RCSD Superintendent Peluso to discuss how the city could immediately support his efforts to ensure safety on RCSD campuses. In response, we have increased the presence of Rochester Police at high schools in the morning and during dismissal, and have intensified the efforts of Pathways to Peace teams that are already heavily engaged with students in schools.

"The city stands ready and willing to work further with the Rochester City School District to enhance safety measures across the district."

In addition to Franklin, RPD officers are also monitoring arrival and dismissal at Edison Tech, East, Northeast College Prep and Wilson Magnet High School. It's a reversal for a district that chose to remove resource officers from schools in 2020.

Rochester's school superintendent says this new detail is the district prioritizing student safety.

"We know resources and capacity are an issue in terms of [the] police department, everywhere, right? We're struggling to find the resources. He has prioritized as supporting our schools before and after right now with his resources to make sure this happens," said Superintendent Carmine Peluso.

Surveillance video at the entrance of the school shows how close students were to the gunman when the shots were fired.

Investigators say there have been no arrests in connection with the incident.