ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Local organizations are joining forces to address potential targeted violence in our communities.

On Thursday, the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce hosted the “Taking Action Against Targeted Violence” event with ROCTAC at Strong Museum.

The goal is to help local businesses prepare to keep their employees and organizations safe.

"We've come together for one thing, to improve the city. And the violence is out of control, and we have blood all over our hands if we don't all work together to stop it," said Mary Coffey, North Winton Village's co-chair.

Along with other law enforcement officials and social service agencies, attendees learned how to identify different types of violence happening in the workplace, the warning signs and how to prepare the company to deal with targeted violence.

Organizers say it’s not always about the ‘see something, say something’ part, but the ‘do something’ part as well.

“Behaviors are observable and reportable and if you report them to a team like ROCTAC, then they can manage the person and help them understand why violence is not an acceptable resolution to the problems in their lives,” Joseph Testani, ROCTAC program manager, said.

Some keynote speakers of the event includes Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter and a number of others from the department and ROCTAC officials.