Community leaders and local law enforcement announced Monday that a new criminal justice data tool is coming to Monroe County.

The program is called Commons. The platform will make criminal case and policy information available to the public. 

It also tracks goals set by the Rochester Police Department and the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.

Information can be broken down into demographics and the program can show monthly and yearly trends. 

Findings will be directly available for policymakers, media and the general public. 

“The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office is proud to partner with Measures for Justice to make the MCDA Commons dashboard available to the public,” Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said in a statement. “The work we are doing gives an independent look at our data and this dashboard is an important step to increase transparency. Providing this data in a user-friendly model will allow the entire community to see a comprehensive picture of what occurs within the District Attorney’s Office. I look forward to further collaboration and seeing the final presentation of our data.” 

“It is our mission to promote positive, systemic and structural change by providing transparency and collaborative leadership,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said in a statement. “This project aligns with that mission and enhances our already robust efforts to provide public safety information on the Rochester Police Department Open Data Portal. It is critical that citizens trust the government that serves them as we work to reduce violence and improve public safety in our community.”

The platform will go live sometime this summer.