With the 2020 Democratic National Convention wrapped up, and the Republican National Convention set to begin on Monday, much of the talk is focusing on access to the polls.

Spectrum News visits the the Monroe County Board of Elections, where it's becoming busier, as we are less than two and half months from the presidential election.

"We are just trying to make sure the ballot is accessible to everyone," said Acting Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner LaShana Boose. 

Speakers at the convention pushed people to vote, and to vote early.

“I definitely was excited and inspired about all of the speakers that have come across from the DNC because here at the county board, we are working very hard to make sure this election is administered in a smooth way,” she said.

That includes working with the U.S. Postal Service, as its operations and finances are scrutinized during Friday’s Senate hearings.

“We’ve spoken to them about ways we can format the address, ways in which we can have our mail easily identified, as it pertains to it being election mail," said Boose.

New York State passed election reform this past week, allowing for the ballot applications to go into the mail beginning August 18.  Many have already been returned.

The reform also allows the BOE to accept ballots postmarked on or before Election Day.

Boose says the office is still looking for more locations to hold in-person voting.

“This office is open to anyone who has concerns at all about the voting process and we encourage them to call or come down and see us,” she said.