Once a month, organizations like Roc Love Will End Abortion and Feminists Choosing Life gather outside of Planned Parenthood.

"To bring together people that are willing to spend some time to reach out to the women going into Planned Parenthood to offer alternatives," said Dorothy Hayes, director of Roc Love Will End Abortion.

And being that this month would have been the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, their message is only louder.

"We like to offer women an opportunity to say, ‘you don’t have to do this. You’re strong enough and you have enough support services around the community that means that you can keep this child,’" Hayes said. 

Last week, the Biden administration announced measures to expand access to contraception and emergency abortions, especially those that impact health. But some anti-abortion advocates disagree.

"In New York state, and frankly under Roe v. Wade, because of the broad definition of health, abortion really is practically unlimited for any reason at any time," said Carol Crossed, vice president of Feminists Choosing Life.

"For every woman there’s a different situation. The importance is to focus on, this is a human being and what do we need to do as a society to protect the most innocent among us," said Hayes.

Roc Love Will End Abortion offers women resources and support like child care and rent assistance to act as alternative solutions to abortion. 

"We should have workplace better health care, better child care for these women instead of telling them that the solution is to kill their children," Hayes explained.

Anti-abortion advocates are going into this election year trying to spread a message of support for mothers.

"We’d like to change laws because laws do change behavior and thought, you know, when people think things are legal they assume that it’s right and it’s good," Hayes said. 

They will continue to gather on sidewalks to show that support for women across the area. 

"We want to be here for these women that feel like they have no choice and no support and all they need a lot of times is just somebody to say, ‘you can do this,’" said Hayes.