A gratitude and recognition campaign is making its way into high schools across the nation as a way for student-athletes to publicly say "thank you" to teachers and staff they appreciate the most.

"My Jersey, Your Impact" is about respect, appreciation and gratitude. Some senior football players at Pal-Mac High School in Wayne County spent part of their day putting the spotlight on others.

What You Need To Know

  • "My Jersey, Your Impact" is a chance for senior football players to select and surprise a faculty member who has made an impact on them during their years in high school

  • This is the first time football players at Pal-Mac participated in the the teacher and staff honors

  • Pal-Mac CSD hopes to make it an annual senior tradition

Football players surprised their teachers with their jerseys to wear for a day to let them know that they've made a lasting and positive impression on their lives.

Senior Luke Herendeen gave his jersey to his lacrosse coach, Joe Hill.

"It definitely made me think about actually the people that are helping me along with the process of high school and how important it is to give thanks and make sure they know they are appreciated," said Herendeen.

"I got my jersey from the car, I washed it and I gave it to Miss Linda," said Pal-Mac senior Aiden Grapensteter. "I gave it to her because I think how much of an impact she has had on the school. "I want her to know she is valued at the school. Her whole school is her classroom essentially."

Miss Linda works in the cafeteria and as a hall monitor aide. She couldn't believe a senior chose her to wear his jersey.

"I had no idea whatsoever," Pal-Mac school aide Linda Donk said. "I have known him since he was a freshman, both of them. I even know what table they used to sit at. They are great kids." 

This simple jersey gesture means a lot to the teachers and staff. It's a nice reminder about why they do what they do.

This is the first time for the "My Jersey, Your Impact" tribute at Pal-Mac. The district says it is not the last and hopes to make it an annual high school tradition.

Congratulations also go out to the Pal-Mac varsity football team that wrapped up a perfect season and championship win.