​​ROCHESTER, N.Y. — ​Gov. Kathy Hochul visited with Rochester business leaders Friday to discuss the future of jobs in the area on the heels of the tech sector investments across the state.

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum where members of the chamber could ask the governor questions.

Hochul says the economy in Rochester will benefit from the tech developments with universities like U of R and RIT.

She also says revitalization work at Eastman Business Park and Sibley Square are examples of why companies will continue to invest in upstate New York.

“The creative reuse of buildings, when they were vacant, boy did it hurt to walk past those buildings for a long time. It was like they were almost mocking us, reminding us of the glorious past,” Hochul said. “It would make a lot of us wonder if there would ever be a future. The future has arrived.”

While in town, Hochul also commented on the historic levels of violent crime some neighborhoods in Rochester are experiencing.

Hochul says that she has been in direct communication with Mayor Malik Evans and RPD Police Chief David Smith on how to address the violence and will provide assistance as requested.

“What does that support look like? First of all, it is putting more boots on the ground, letting them know we have our state police resources to help them with patrolling. This is one of the areas where we can be helpful and we will do more if requested,” she said.    

Rochester is currently on track to surpass last year’s homicide total, which currently sits at 65.