Standing on the corner of East Avenue and South Goodman Street, 5th graders from Genesee Community Charter School chanted in hopes of getting out an important message.

"We are outside and cheering for voting for people to vote," said 5th grader Evan Olson.

The 5th graders had their own voter parade. They marched around the East Avenue neighborhood. 

"It's fun to put up those signs and then see people happy and smiling. It makes me want to smile, and it makes me really proud of what we're doing," said fellow 5th grader Kenya Davis. 

Over the last few weeks, the students learned the challenges that particular groups have faced when it comes to being able to vote. 

"A long time ago, women didn't have the right to vote, and Black people didn't have the right to vote. And even after everyone was allowed to vote, they made it impossible for Black people to have the chance to vote," said Davis. 

Educators from Genesee Community Charter School are hoping the students can take what they learned in school to heart, so when they turn 18, they go out and vote.

"I think in the future they'll always remember this parade first of all, and I think what we've done with voting and real-life stories that we learned about and people in Rochester who fought so hard for us to have the right to vote, I think this class, in particular, will have this in their heart someday they want to vote," said Becki Mason, one of the 5th-grade teachers.