Ugly sweaters, coffee mugs you already have, or maybe boots two sizes too small: Not every holiday present is perfect. 

According to at least one survey, most of us will return at least one gift this year.

On the day after Christmas, Rochester's main post office was nothing like it was the days leading up to it, but business was steady.

Armed with several large boxes, Hazel Pugh came here for two reasons.

“This is going to Wilmington, Delaware to my grandchildren,” she said, of the late Christmas gifts she was mailing.

But Pugh also carried another gift – one which didn’t quite make the cut.

“My daughter bought me boots, but they were too big,” she explained.  “QVC … but they were too big, so they have to go back."

According to a survey by the online platform Oracle, 77 percent of Americans plan to return at least one gift this year. Twenty percent will take back more than half of their Christmas presents.

“Yes, that's my next stop,” said Theresa Richards of Penfield, as she dropped off some late presents to mail. “I’m going to the mall and returning things to the store."