Monroe County Board of Elections is in full election season mode as it trains 2,800 people who will be working the polls on Election Day.

Poll workers will earn $12 per hour, plus $25 for taking a three hour training course.

The workers must be prepared to work 17 hours on the big day. Some will also work during the early voting days offered from October 26 to to November 3 , at what elections officials are calling "super poll sites."

Even seasoned poll workers have plenty to learn at the course, for example, the poll book is now a thing of the past.  Instead, iPads are being used called a poll pad.

"I think the biggest message to the poll workers is: if you’re in one of our poll pads or you’re in one of our poll books and you’re registered to vote, you’re eligible, you should not be walking out of that polling site without casting a vote," said Monroe County Board of Elections Commissioner, Doug French. 

"I’ve been a poll worker for quite a few years so I think it’s a good class," said poll worker, Angela Gaines-Palmer of Rochester.  "They go through it step by step in each section as what you have to do as part of the process."

For more information on how to apply for a poll worker position, click here.