A Greece woman spent her birthday eating cake, chatting with friends, and bowling, which was nothing unusual for 103-year-old Arlene Titus.

“They think there must be something magic that I've done,” Titus said. “And I don't think so."

Titus was born in Warners, New York, near Syracuse, and grew up in the Catskill Mountains before moving to the Rochester area.  

“Do you want to know my theory why I lived so long? I don't know, of course, but I never smoked,” she laughed.

Titus and her husband of 60 years, Vern, raised two children. He died in 1995. A daughter died in her forties and a son lives in South Carolina. 

The couple raised their daughter’s three grandchildren, which Titus said helped keep her young. 

Such longevity takes some good genes and good luck. It also means staying active.

“I want to brag a little and say I am a good bowler,” she said.

Titus carries a 210 average in a senior Nintendo Wii bowling league. She’s currently involved in an online tournament with other seniors. On Tuesday, fellow residents helped her celebrate her 103rd birthday with a cake and punch. 

It took a few tries, but she blew out all 103 candles.

"I've heard so many people say I wouldn't want to be that old,” she said.  “My answer is, why not?  If you have pretty good mental ability and enjoy life, why wouldn’t you want to be that old?"

Titus said her age inevitably brings questions about wisdom. 

“Don't take anything for granted,” she said.  Every day is a good day."

Titus has had 37,620 of them, and 103 happy birthdays.