There's a 32-foot RV decked out in red, white and blue on a nationwide road trip to support veterans.

This mobile mission is called Operation 22 to Zero. Michele Ladd is the founder of this mobile mission.

"I am a Rochester local and I am a real estate broker here,” Ladd said. “My team and I have helped hundreds of heroes locally over the years and they share their stories with me over the years and I just took it to heart and with both my children being veterans I wanted to do something to pay it forward and make a difference."

An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide every day in this country.

Ladd’s message is one of faith and hope.

She has spent thousands of dollars of her savings to fund her mission to help others. She recently formed a not-for-profit and a website to collect donations and provide links to veteran resources.

"I am leaving to Massachusetts on Sunday. There is a wounded veteran there and I am going to spend a little time with him and share his story,” she said. “I share their stories on Facebook, we do videos and I am looking for resources to help our veterans and our first responders with PTSD, suicide prevention and drug and alcohol related issues."

Ladd’s RV is covered with pictures of veterans. One is a triple amputee who is struggling with PTSD. 

Ladd said she is motivated by their struggles.  She is also the mother of two veterans.  She believes more needs to be done to help servicemen and women.

"I have had veterans and first responders walk around this RV in tears,” Ladd said. “I leave in September and I am going on a national tour. I have already traveled more than 40,000 miles. This is my second RV.”