Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren called for big changes in the Rochester City School District during her 2019 State of the City address. 

Tuesday night's speech was delivered from Enrico Fermi School #17 where 18 years ago Tyshaun Cauldwell, 10, was gunned down around the corner. The child's tragic death sparked change in what's now known as the JOSANA neighborhood

“I want you to know that Tyshaun’s death, and the hope he inspired, was not in vain," she said. 

Warren proposed that the Campbell Street R-Center be renamed the “Tyshaun Cauldwell R-Center for Hope" in his honor.


 “Every man, woman and child in Rochester deserves to have hope," Warren preached. "They deserve to believe that tomorrow will be better than today.”

School #17 is one of 10 community schools in the school district. Warren says the success shown at these schools needs to be replicated in other parts of the city. 



"This model of merging academic and social supports for families is working at every school that deploys these pillars of hope," Warren said. 

Warren claims Rochester's annual unemployment rate is at its lowest point in 10 years, which she believes is due to the city's growth as an innovation hub. However, the city plans to adopt a new plan that will spring more growth over the next 15 years, in time for Rochester's 200th birthday.

The new blueprint is dubbed the "2034 Comprehensive Plan" and replacing the "Renaissance 2010 Plan" that was adopted in 1999. 

The mayor also highlighted major infrastructure projects slated to take place in the upcoming months, including construction on the Rundel Library Terrace and Play Walk, ROC City Skate Park, Charles Carroll Plaza, and Blue Cross Arena expansion.


According to city officials, crime in the city has dropped 27 percent in the past five years and is now at its lowest point in 34 years. Warren reaffirmed that more needs to be done to address poverty through education, job creation and neighborhood revitalization.

"Like the people of JOSANA did, we must recognize our rock-bottom moment and come together as a community," Warren said.