After two Rochester police officers were injured while trying to break up a fight at a party at Danforth Community Center, the president of the police officer union cast blame in the direction of people calling for a police accountability board.

Police say in total more than 50 officers responded Saturday night to Rochester's southwest side, and while breaking up the fight, a 13-year-old threw a rock and hit an officer in the head. Rochester Police Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo revealed an image of the officer's injured eye to media on Monday.

Mazzeo says more than 200 minors confronted police with a chaotic scene, swearing and threatening officers. He claims the increased tensions are the result of what he called a small "biased" group.

"I think the result of this group and this rhetoric and the calls for police accountability has manifested itself to such a point that it's causing interactions in a very negative way with our officers," said Mazzeo.

Interim Rochester Police Chief Mark Simmons says that some of his officers would agree tensions between the police and community have increased over the last several months, but it is not a majority feeling.

"We train our officers every day to go out there and do their jobs and do it in a professional manner and do it with respect and kindness," Simmons said. "Most of our officers and more human beings would expect that same type of respect in return."

It's still unclear what started Saturday night's brawl, however both officers have since been released from the hospital.

The minor's name will not be released due to his age. 

Requests for comment from city officials and supporters of the police accountability board were not immediately returned.