A majority of the 743 staff and faculty at Monroe Community College have spoken: They’ve lost confidence in the ability of President Anne Kress to lead the school.

Some 502 employees participated in a recent no-confidence vote, with 88 percent indicating supporting a no-confidence resolution.

“President Kress models a disrespect for the union which is then also followed by her management team," said Bethany Gizzi, president of the MCC Faculty Association, the union whose workers have gone more than 60 days without a contract.   

The union and faculty senate is calling for a comprehensive evaluation of the president and the management team. 

“We’re doing it because we believe that the conditions internally are impacting the quality of education for our students and certainly the quality of work life for our employees," she said. 

MCC released a statement saying it is disappointed in the results, adding that the concerns are directly related to ongoing contract negotiations.  

“MCC remains committed to negotiating at the table and looks forward to achieving an agreement that respects our talented employees and the current fiscal climate for higher education,” the statement reads in part.   

"I would like to see a 180-degree shift in the culture of the college," said Amanda Colosimo, the faculty senate president. "There is a general chaos pervasive among leadership at the college. I would like to see a return to the collaboration and the environment of trust and respect that used to exist at this college."

The results of the no-confidence vote will be presented to the board of trustees during the open forum at a meeting scheduled for December 3. 

Kress is expected to comment on the vote results on Tuesday.