GENEVA, N.Y. — Dozens of motorcycles filled the parking lot at the Harley Davidson store in Geneva.

It wasn’t a regular motorcycle rally, but instead a fundraiser, supporting a cause close to Gina Domingo’s heart.

“I went in when I was nine years old," Domingo said. "I was emancipated at 16. I traveled through many homes and hospitalizations and didn’t find my forever home."

As a child, Domingo went through the foster care system. Eventually she aged out, never having found a forever family. Now, she’s making sure other children in the foster care system don’t have to experience what she did.

“Raising money so they have money for resources to be able to help find these children forever homes," she said.

Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) pairs children in foster care with adoptive families, giving them the resources to succeed after leaving the system.

“To ensure they have family to belong to and be supported by,” Lauri McKnight, Children Awaiting Parents executive director, said. “We do not want to see our children aging out without any resources.” And that's what happens if we don't find a forever family.

Proceeds from Saturday's event benefit CAP services.

The reason for having the fundraiser at the Harley Davidson store is because Domingo herself is a big biker herself. If you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent, she will make sure someone is with you every part of the process.

“It takes a village," Domingo said. "It takes all of us. You’re not alone."