School of the Holy Childhood starts each day of distance learning at home with something familiar β€”  the Pledge of Allegiance.

Holy Childhood, a non-profit agency for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities is using the help of students at home and social media to get the mornings going. 

"The daily Pledge of Allegiance here at Holy Childhood, or at least on social media right now, gives us a little slice of normalcy during these really trying times," Holy Childhood President and CEO Donna Dedee said.

The school is located on Groton Parkway in Rochester.  

"Always they end with 'have a nice day,' which is terrific to hear because it gets off on the right foot for the day, and so to hear that continuing every day is wonderful and gives us a sense of hope that we may be together apart. We know in time, hopefully soon, we will be together in person again and that will be wonderful."