GREECE, N.Y. — A teenage girl and her boyfriend are in custody for allegedly killing the girl's mom in the town of Greece last month.

17-year-old Hannah Thomas and 16-year-old Richard Avila, both of Arizona, are charged with murder for the death of Ottilia Piros.

Investigators are not elaborating on a motive right now, but Spectrum News is told the two suspects were pulled over in the victim's car in Missouri on December 29.

When local police called Greece officers, that is when Piros was found dead in her West Parkway home. 

Investigators now believe she was fatally shot between Christmas and New Year's.

Greece's new police chief called the shooting an execution.

"This woman didn't deserve this, over the holidays, at the hands of her own daughter. Think about that and the manner in that it occurred. Our hearts go out to their family, to their friends because it doesn't get much worse than that," said Chief Andrew Forsythe.

The teenagers are also charged with criminal possession of a weapon. They remain in Missouri, awaiting extradition back to Greece for arraignment.

Police ask anyone with any other information to give town police a call at 865-9200.