IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. — There is no school at any of the East Irondequoit's schools Monday so that every staff member, teacher and bus driver can go through security and safety training.


Violence prevention specialist Don Shomette says 80 percent of school shooters walk through the front door and that 75 percent of them told someone about their plans to attack.

"A lot of schools are realizing that there is something is going on and they can improve and make things better," Shomette said.

This former marine and police officer is also a father of 8. He travels the country to help schools prevent, identify threats and intervene. He says it starts with relationships; pay close attention to the warning signs and tell someone about your concerns.

"It is one of the commonalities of all school attackers is they are failing in life," Shomette said. "They are unhappy, they have no purpose, they have no compassion, they have no hope, they have no growth, they do not understand right from wrong. They have no mental balance. The number 1 thing you can do is to help your child succeed, excel and do great in life. Build them to be strong on the inside and the chances are they will never use violence to get what they want."

East Irondequoit has 3,000 students at six schools. East Irondequoit doesn't currently have school resource officers. Irondequoit police patrol and stop by schools periodically to check-in, see and be seen. Shomette says you are only as good as your best plan.

"The more prevention you can have and the more advance warning you can give than the more prepared you could be if anything happens and that really is what the goal is," Shomette said.

This violence prevention assembly continues tonight with the community. Parents are invited to attend a security and safety presentation at Eastridge High School at 6:30.