The kitchen at Savage Chef in Webster is keeping busy. 

Savage Chef owner Caleb Hoag is slicing, cooking, and delivering fresh made meals to even more customers now. He’s also donating meals to essential workers and giving a portion of meal sales to different charities each week this month.

"We just felt the least we could do in a sense during this time of crisis was to reach out to as many volunteer groups as we can to help them out. So now at this point we are actually, purposely making extra meals each week so that we can donate upwards of 100 to 200 meals every week to health care workers and essential workers and anybody that we can get connected with," said Hoag.

"As far as our charity week we are donating five percent of our total revenue. We have been choosing different charities to give it to. I expect us to be donating about $2,600 to $3,000. It is the least I can do in a sense especially during this time even if it means paying myself a little less that week, whatever,  it is for a better cause," he added.

You can find Savage Chef in the Village of Webster and online.