UPDATED: This story was updated to clarify that many dental offices will still perform emergency procedures, but are closed to non-essential services.

Urgent Dental Care in Rochester is an emergency dental office open seven days a week.

The service is handy to patients like Stephen Perrello, who came in concerned about a possible abscess on his son Vinny’s tooth.

“If it were something we could wait on, [we would]," Perrello said. "But the potential for infection and everything else, we want to get it seen right away.”

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many dental offices are closing down, or limiting services. And while many will still see patients to perform emergency treatments, Urgent Dental Care's seven-day service is something else residents in the area can rely on.

“Sunday afternoon during quarantine, where else could you go,” Perrello said.

Katt Laviani is the office manager, and says she wants to not only be there for patients, but also to help take a little of the burdens off the healthcare system.

“We want to kind of alleviate the backlog of patients that don’t necessarily be seen in an ED or urgent medical facility. We want those to stay available for people with true medical conditions,” Laviani said.

She says there are many tooth emergencies that still need to be addressed daily.

“You have tooth pain, you have an abscess or swelling in the jaw, please call us,” Laviani said.

But while patients can access care seven-days a week, services are by appointment at this time. There is a 24-hour phone service at 585-729-7777.

“That way we are keeping our patients and staff safe, we’re alleviating how many patients are in the waiting room at one time,” Laviani said.

Perrello is just relieved to know a service will still be available in the coming weeks.

“It’s great to know they’re available, and that they’re here for people who have nowhere else to turn because their dentists are closed,” Perrallo said.

But President of the Monroe County Dental Society Ted Eckermann says to always contact your own dentist first.

"Although our dental societies applaud Urgent Dental Care for their attempt at reducing emergency room dental visits, patients need to know all dental offices are available for emergency dental care,"  Eckerman said. "Please let your own dentist be the first line of defense when you have an issue that you believe needs immediate attention."