A group of volunteers are trading in their mattresses for tents, grass and whatever else they can find.

It’s part of an event to raise awareness about family homelessness in Wayne County.

Family Promise, which hosted 'Night Without a Bed,' is a nonprofit that helps families experiencing homelessness find housing. Money raised from the event goes to help those families.

“We’re asking residents in Wayne County whose neighbors are experiencing homelessness to help anyway they can,” said the executive director of Family Promise, Graig Roberts. “Whether it's volunteerism, sponsorship, donations and take pride in the people living in their community.”

Participants will try to stay awake as long as they can. Walking laps, listening to music or talking with friends are ways they can pass the time.

"They can use this night to sleep on something other than a mattress,” explained Roberts. “Some people sleep in tents, on the floor, in their car.”

Participants came together at 6 a.m. Sunday for a prayer and reflect on the experience.